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New Zealand has one of the highest figures in the OECD for domestic violence.  Nearly half of all homicides in New Zealand are family violence. Half all violent crime is family violence, this includes kidnappings and abductions, grievous assault and serious assault.  Recent statistics and information may be viewed on this link Download Recent Statistics (168KB PDF)

Traumatised  (at Waitakaruru Sculpture Park) was installed to draw attention to two different but connected issues; domestic violence and the impact it has on our families and communities;  and as caretakers of our envioronment, how are we doing this - for personal advantage or with regard for the generations to follow.

The physical size of this work(75m x 12m), the noise of the wind slapping and tearing and the reflection in the water, all contribute to each person's reading and understanding of the work. For an idea of scale, note the position of the person on the ledge on RHS.

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