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and now, this

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AND NOW, THIS sets up scenarios of fluidity where objects are highlighting their further potential. Some have almost certain paths where others operate in a fuzzy logic. These scenarios ask the viewer to play out narratives of how these objects will progress. Different today and different tomorrow. They might be on the edge of collapse, some are weighed down or held up, some feather light, while others are fluid. Control becomes a more abstract process within time as their physicality teeters in between one form and another. They don't move as such, but their presence suggests a sense of potential motion. These scenarios operate as moments in time that melt, drop, float, suspend and slip.

AND NOW, THIS  on from 10 April - 2 May, 2015   Artists Zainab Hikmet, Deanna Dowling, Barbara Smith, Lyn Wilson, Chelsea Rothbart

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PILOT is an independent art project space in Hamilton's CBD, founded in beginning of 2014, and looked after by it's director Karl Bayly.

5 Ward Street 
Hamilton City 

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